Selling on SamTerk

Lovers of Ghana made products are always looking for a trusted source to purchase products and we at SamTerk are happy to make that dream possible. We connect you to customers who trust us in handling their transactions. Our customers are our assets and we want you to take part in providing the best products to our cherished customers. We provide you support in setting up your store via phone, email, skype, or zoom.



How to Start Selling

All you need to do to start selling on SamTerk is to register with a valid email address. If you run into any difficulty, contact our customer service representative via email or chat with one of our online representatives by clicking on the chat button found in the bottom right of the screen. After you register to sell, one of our customer service persons will get in touch with you to help you with the initial setup and uploading of your products if necessary. Subsequent uploading of the products will be done by you, but our customer service representatives will be on standby to support you in case you run into any problem. 


Some Tools available on the Seller Page

o   Intuitive and Friendly Seller Dashboard that shows your orders, Net Profit, Conversion Rate, number of Visits, and total sales made from your store. The Dashboard gives you access to statistics of your business growth per number of sales and other key metrics about your online store.

o   The seller can Set Discount/Coupon for Products and upload Products with multiple images at Ease

o   Smart Reviews for Products

o   Get access to messages from our cherished customers and provide a response to their questions regarding your products

o   Get Reviews on your products to know what customers are saying regarding your products

o   Instant messaging with SamTerk customer service team regarding a purchase

o   Get notification when an order is made on your store as well as payment information

o   Use the SamTerk Vendor App for instant notifications to your phone


To provide the best buying experience for our cherished customers, we advised that the following guidelines be followed:

o   Products should include descriptions

o   Images should be clear enough

o   Product Names should be well labeled

o   Product color combinations should be well specified

o   Be consistent with product sizes and background colors as much as possible

o   Number of products in stock should be provided during the upload of the product


How delivery is done when your product is purchased

You have three options to choose from when it comes to delivering the products bought from your shop to the buyer’s destination.

o   The first option is for you to ship the products to the buyer within 48hrs after receipt of payment or purchase. When you decide to ship the products yourself, at the point of purchase, the buyer will select shipping service and the money paid for shipping will be given to you as shipping cost.

o   The second option is to allow SamTerk to take care of your delivery. We will package your product with our custom packages, and we will do good labeling of the products before shipping. Also, customers can track their products and a confirmation will be provided to you when they finally get hold of the product

o   The third option is to choose one of our delivery partners to take care of the delivery of your products.


Questions with shipping returns and payments can be answered by our customer service representatives. For more information about shipping and returns, read on our shipping and return policy.

Why Sell your products on SamTerk

Our target market are Ghanaians abroad and other nationals who highly demand Ghana made products. We achieve this by providing various forms of advertisements (Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, media channels, and many more) of your products to our current customers and potential customers abroad.

Not decided yet? Get in touch with us and we can further discuss your concerns in order to set you up for your first sales.

Ready to sell? Click on the sign-up link below.



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